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Looking South
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31 August 2020

The massacres take place in Colombia, says Marco Teruggi in Sputnik. According to the UN, only this year 40 massacres have occurred, one more must be added on August 18th, and the killings of social leaders continue. That day a new tragic balance. Three indigenous people from the Awá people were murdered in Ricaurte municipality, the Nariño department, while two young men were tortured and murdered in El Patía, Cauca, and a social leader, Jaime Monge, was also killed in Villacarmelo, Cali.

These deaths made headlines after others that shocked the country. On August 15th, eight youths were shot in the municipality of Samaniego, Nariño; on the 13th, two Nasa indigenous people were murdered in Corinto, Cauca; on 11th, five adolescents murdered in Llano Verde, southwest of Cali; meanwhile, an Afro-Colombian social leader was victimized in Chocó; On the 8th, in the Leiva municipality, Nariño, two students were killed on their way to school.

According to the UN, as of August 16th, 33 massacres had been documented and seven were in process. Adding those of August 18th, they add up 42. More than 200 former FARC members and close to a thousand social leaders have been assassinated since the signing of the peace treaty, reports Teruggi.

Looking South sees the peace treaty fade away, decrease the popularity that once had the current prisoner Uribe and stagger that of President Duque.

Another Diplomatic Defeat for Trump

Washington unilaterally withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and has no right to demand that the UN Security Council activate the mechanism to restore sanctions against Iran, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on August 21st regarding the request filed the day before by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, reported Xinhua. The spokesperson recalled that on August 14th a U.S. draft resolution project to extend the arms embargo on Iran received 13 votes against and one in favor.

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