People with Disabilities in the New Love Project

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People with Disabilities in the New Love Project
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9 February 2022

With this phrase, the journalist and host of the Round TableTV program, Arleen Rodríguez Derivet, defined the new Family Code in Cuba, one of the issues that today is generating the greatest interest in the population and diversity of criteria, given the marked change and update of regulations that will mark new guidelines in our citizenship as of this year, after its popular consultation throughout Cuba in the next month of February.

A section to be included in said code, since with the current regulations there were limitations for all of this, is the acknowledgement of the rights of people with disabilities, a novelty given by the inclusive nature itself and in accordance with this new code with the mandate of the current Constitution. This was announced by Dr. Caridad Valdés Díaz, Associated Professor at Law School in the University of Havana (UH).

The central point, as explained by the academic in the program this Wednesday, is that the rights of people with disabilities are ensured and met, their wishes and preferences are respected. In this way, the International Convention on Persons with Disabilities and the Constitution of the Republic, previously approved in 2019, would finally be complied with.

Similarly, Dr. Leonardo Pérez Gallardo, Associated Professor of Civil Law at the UH and president of the Cuban Society of Civil and Family Law, explained thoroughly on the transformations that will take place within this new legal norm. Such is the case of the change from the guardianship model to the support model, which goes hand in hand with legal issues like self-determination, autonomy, and family inclusion.

"With this new Family Code, it’s intended that people with physical-motor, sensory, and mental disabilities have the opportunity to exercise their rights like any other person, in absolute equality," explained Dr. Valdés Díaz about this project that goes beyond the fulfillment of rights; it goes towards socio-cultural nuances of today, as the Cuban soap opera reflects on the social conflicts experienced by people with hearing disabilities.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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