Obama Defends Iran Pact, Imposes New Sanctions on Tehran

Obama Defends Iran Pact, Imposes New Sanctions on Tehran
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18 January 2016
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The new sanctions come less than a day after the White House lifted most sanctions against Tehran as part of the deal to limit its nuclear program and shortly after a Swiss plane took off from the Iranian capital carrying four Americans freed in a prisoner exchange.

Obama told reporters that the nuclear pact, which allows Tehran to regain access to some $100 billion in assets that had been frozen abroad, ensures that the world is “safer.”

“We have a rare chance to pursue a new path, a different, better future that delivers progress for both our peoples and the wider world,” said Obama.

Nevertheless, he promised to continue monitoring Iran’s nuclear program and said he would work to restrain terrorist activity and human rights abuses.

Obama on Saturday signed the executive order lifting the broad sanctions after confirmation by the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran had fulfilled the requirements of the accord, which limits several aspects of its nuclear program for between 10 and 25 years in exchange for lifting assorted punitive measures.

Secretary of State John Kerry also announced Sunday that the United States will pay Iran $400 million to settle a 1981 complaint Tehran filed with the International Court of Justice, along with $1.3 billion in interest, removing another bone of contention between the two nations.

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