Delayed OAS report on Bolivian elections sparks condemnation

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Delayed OAS report on Bolivian elections sparks condemnation
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5 December 2019
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La Paz, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) Numerous criticisms are currently being levelled at the Organization of American States (OAS) which, after more than 44 days, presented the final report of the audit it undertook on the elections of October 20 in Bolivia, and in which it fails to offer any concrete evidence of fraud.

Twitter user Larissa Costas stressed that the OAS' delayed report was 'without rigor, with serious flaws in the method, generous in personal and political perceptions whose only intention is to inflate the bad literature to justify the coup in Bolivia that led to a fascist dictatorship.'

Others noted that while the OAS claimed there were irregularities in 3,4718 ballots cast in 226 polling stations, even if those votes were voided, the Movement Towards Socialism would still have enjoyed a lead of more than 10 percent.

'There is no mention of fraud and they are trying to imply that there were irregularities based on provisional scrutiny,' warns another Twitter user, ari lijala.

Yesterday, a hundred international experts in economics and statistics called on the OAS to retract its 'misleading claims' on the electoral process in Bolivia that led to the coup d'état against constitutional president Evo Morales.

On November 10, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro called for the annulment of the elections after disseminating the preliminary results of the audit, which agitated sectors of the right that had presented a scenario of alleged electoral fraud since before the elections.

Shortly after the statements, President Evo Morales announced new elections and the formation of a new Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

But to consummate the coup, the Commander General of the Armed Forces, Williams Kaliman, and National Police Commander Vladimir Calderon, demanded that Evo resign.

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