Argentina's Congress to Discuss Texts Rejecting Coup in Bolivia

Argentina's Congress to Discuss Texts Rejecting Coup in Bolivia
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13 November 2019
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Lawmakers want President Macri to break his silence and demand the restitution of democracy in Bolivia.

Argentina's Chamber of Deputies and Senate on Wednesday will hold sessions in which lawmakers will urge President Mauricio Macri to reject the coup against Evo Morales, demand the restitution of the constitutional order, condemn human rights violations and provide asylum to deposed officials.

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“As Argentinians who have a deep tradition of peace and respect for the people's will, we urge the executive power to speak out against the civic-military coup which has interrupted the democratic and constitutional order,” says the draft text that will be discussed.

On Tuesday, lawmakers from Victory Front (FPV), Renovator Front (FR), Network for Argentina, Evita Movement, We Are (Somos), Left and Workers Front (FIT), and Republican Proposal (PRO) presented five draft texts related to the political situation in Bolivia.

Among these are pronouncements to halt the coup and the interference of the army, appeal to the restoration of democracy, and reject systematic human rights violations. 

The calls in both houses of the Parliament were motivated by the silence that the Macri administration has maintained so far with regard to the Bolivian events, which Argentinian lawmakers have described as "intolerable facts which cannot be accepted under any circumstances or with any excuse."

@zoolooy Another right-wing Millionaire backed a fascist coup funded by USA/CIA disposes a leftist government, this time a blonde #Racist is put in charge who swore herself in on a "Bible" as "President" + declared: she dreams of #Bolivia "free of indigenous satanic rites." #BoliviaGolpe

The meme reads, “I dream of Bolivia free from indigenous satanic rites. The city is not for indigenous persons. They should go to either the high-elevation plateau (Altiplano) or the lowland plain (Chaco)!!"

Meanwhile, the right-wing, religious fundamentalist senator Jeanine Añez, who proclaimed herself as Bolivas's interim president and received her command from the army, will face her first serious political challenge.

The deadline given by the Bolivian Workers Central (COB) to restore democracy expires on Wednesday, amidst a presidential succession that cannot be easily consolidated because it was carried out by breaking several legal procedures.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For instance, with the intention of legitimizing an act of succession that occurred without the legally required quorum, Añez cited article 170 of the Bolivian Constitution according to which the President can be dismissed from his duties in case of death, resignation, absence or definitive impediment.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​If this politically-driven interpretation of the constitutional text does not achieve greater support among citizens, however, the COB could initiate an indefinite strike.


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