Arreaza denounces targets of the US Blockade against Venezuela

Arreaza denounces targets of the US Blockade against Venezuela
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4 September 2019
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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza assured the US blockade imposed on Venezuela aims to intervene in the internal affairs of the country.

The Trump administration is trying to alter the democratic course traced by the Venezuelan people, underscored the Foreign Minister.

He pointed out that the Bolivarian Republic faces the greatest threats in its history.

The Venezuelan oligarchy, at the service of the ruling US elite, encourages and justifies sanctions and blockades against the Venezuelan people, from a petty position, he denounced.

Arreaza also affirmed that any action by the Venezuelan opposition is aimed at violating the libertory history that defines Venezuela.

On August 5, Trump escalated his attacks on this country by signing an executive order to block all assets and interests owned by the Venezuelan government under US jurisdiction.

The measures applied by the head of the White House meant a reduction in the availability of food and medicine, as well as a rise in diseases and mortality in Venezuela.

As part of the US campaign against Caracas, Washington continually attacks the oil sector, imposes economic sanctions on domestic authorities and pressures other Latin American countries to support the US position.

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