Bolivians Celebrate Morales' Re-Election

Bolivians Celebrate Morales' Re-Election
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13 October 2014
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Thousands celebrated in the streets of La Paz the reelection of President Evo Morales late on Sunday.

The incumbent president, and candidate for the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), won 60% in the exit polls.

Supporters of the president gathered in Plaza Murillo, where the Presidential Palace stands, with music and chants, which continued after the president's victory speech. Other massive celebrations were reported in other provinces.

Morales took the opportunity to invite his opponents to join with him in building a new country, reminding his followers that the country's wealth should be above past confrontations between the government and the opposition.

“To our opponents, we invite them to come and work together for Bolivia...They have the right to disagree but above all is our beloved Bolivia,” he said during his victory speech.

President Morales also explained that his moved had adavanced nationawide. “In all the departments (provinces) we have grown and in eight of them we have won,” Morales said.

The Presidency informed that Morales will, in the next few hours, be visiting Santa Cruz and Tarija provinces, where he obtained greatest margin of victories over his rivals.

Meanwhile, Evo Morales has posted a new video looking at the huge nationwide support that led to his landslide victory.


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