European Parliamentary Assembly Adopts Anti-Nazi Resolution

European Parliamentary Assembly Adopts Anti-Nazi Resolution
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30 September 2014
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The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has agreed to adopt a resolution to counteract the rise of neo-Nazism on Tuesday in Strasbourg.

"The Parliamentary Assembly unequivocally condemns the increasing number of manifestations of neo-Nazism (right-wing extremism) and the rise of neo-Nazi parties and movements in Europe, some of which have entered parliament at national or European level," the resolution says.

The document goes on to state, "This is not an isolated phenomenon particular to some Council of Europe member states, but rather a problem with pan-European dimensions. It often lays dormant in society until the right conditions for emergence come about. It can thus only be effectively tackled on the basis of shared experiences and good practice among member states.”

The PACE resolution says that “ popular disappointment over harsh economic conditions” may partly explain the rising popularity of neo-Nazi parties as a protest vote.”

And calls for governments to stand up and “unite in defending democratic values."

The resolution comes in an environment of the rise of far right parties and the rise of nationalist tendencies across Europe and a strong showing by the far right in European elections in May.

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