Nicaragua: Sandinistas Celebrate 39th Anniversary of Revolution

Nicaragua: Sandinistas Celebrate 39th Anniversary of Revolution
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19 July 2018
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Nicaragua marked Thursday the 39th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution, a process that signaled the end of the Somoza family dictatorship and represented socioeconomic transformations to benefit of the Nicaraguan people.

The historical turning point came on July 19,1979 as the Sandinista National Liberation Front, or FSLN, assumed the responsibilities of the government and set about reconstructing the country.

A public demonstration is planned to take place in the Plaza de la Fe, in the capital of Managua.

Nicaraguan Vice-President Rosario Murillo has called on the people of the nation to "celebrate in all the commemorate the victory en route to new victories in unison, because we are heading for more victories through the hand of God for his glory, victorious times, by the grace of God and for his glory.”

Murillo exhorted that the triumph of the Sandinista Revolution be “guided in Christianity, in the love of Christ, in the love of thy neighbor, in socialism, in solidarity, the 39th anniversary (of the Sandinista Revolution) led to many new victories.”

He also noted that the new victories should be in the name of “reconciliation and peace” and for the “prosperity of all Nicaraguan families.”

The vice-president conveyed the well wishes of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega for each and every Nicaraguan, "commitment to the common good, hope, faith, love of neighbor, Christian spirit, values of family and community restoration in all of our territories, together with security, peace, work and life.”

Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the country's Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, will lead a delegation from the island that will attend the Sandinista's triumphant 39th anniversary.

The anniversary comes at time when the country is facing a sociopolitical crisis fueled by the international right with the intention of overthrowing the government of President Daniel Ortega. The unrest began in mid-April with protests against social security reforms that President Ortega later withdrew in a bid to halt the escalation in violence.

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