Clubs in Cuban baseball?

Clubs in Cuban baseball?
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5 June 2014
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The immobility of Cuban baseball, in some ways, gradually disappears. Already some Cuban players have signed to play in foreign leagues.

It is also striking the change of players from one team to another regardless of their province of origin. If in other times you could hardly see these transfers now “signings” are a regular.

In the history of our national series there were always players who had to move to other provinces because of their little chance of playing or family problems. I remember the case of Mario Veliz, Lazaro Lopez, and Carlos Eduardo Cárdenas Kindelán. More recent cases were Acebey Orlando, Adir Ferran Yusniel Ibanez, and Darian Gonzalez

Also some players were scrapped in junior tournaments by their provinces, and then became true idols under new uniforms as Villa Clara Maels Rodriguez and Santiago´s Alfredo Despaigne.

Even there were real “globetrotters” as Villa Clara pitcher Luis Vizcaino Armenteros is one of two players (the other is also from Villa Clara, José Pérez) who participated in National and Selective Series with six different teams and ended his active career in Isla de la Juventud.

His latter teammates always received many players from the Big Island, especially from Pinar del Río, but this is a trend that has declined significantly in recent years.

The National Baseball Commission required the player to wait for two years if he wanted to change sides without authorization from his home province. Policy that is gone for good?

The policy of “transfer” has taken dramatic proportions with the advent of Victor Mesa to Matanzas. The controversial coach has had in his team players from Villa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Pinar del Rio, Havana and Guantanamo. The most famous case was the shortstop Dainer Moreira that allegedly came from the Guaso to live with her mother in the town of Cardenas. And do not panic if an experienced pitcher from Artemisa ends up there.

Matanzas also exports players. Youth World Cup Moisés Esquerres and utility Edel Tamayo play with the Cienfuegos provincial tournament for Abreus in order to wear the colors of the Pearl of the South in the upcoming National Series.

The main Cienfuegos pitcher, Noelvis Entenza is already playing with Playa in Havana city, and is one of the top pitchers for Industriales. Guantanamo players Alexander Rodríguez and José Luis Moulin also requested the release of their province to work with Industriales. By the way Guantánamo, as Las Tunas did last year with slugger Joan Carlos Pedroso has left free experienced players like Vismay Santos, Roberto Borrero, Douglas Lafargue and Joennis Southerán. Do not be surprised if you see record holder first baseman Southerán in neighboring lands.

The vaunted representativeness is increasingly less on some teams. The important thing is the victory even if you have players from Greenland, Ecuador or the South Pole. Can we talk then of clubs in Cuban baseball?

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