Real Madrid's victory was recovering their greatness

Real Madrid's victory was recovering their greatness
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19 December 2019
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Maybe an explanation is needed to understand what happened at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night.It's lawful to be indignant. It was known. Because referee Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez is always wrong on the same side in the Clasico.

But the mistakes he made a few years ago were different. Real Madrid could take some solace from the non-existence of VAR, but those errors aren't as expectable now with its presence.Madrid, though, have more reasons to be happy than upset after the draw.

1.Zinedine Zidane has done it again. He's built a team from ashes and breathed life into a group who looked utterly defeated.

2. The depression of losing Cristiano Ronaldo has been overcome. What was a near-fatal disease is now forgotten, and they even delivered that Camp Nou performance without their biggest star in Eden Hazard.

3. The commitment to young players is bearing fruit. Fede Valverde cost five million euros and Frenkie de Jong cost Barcelona 75 million euros.

4. Isco has returned and Zidane is recovering a player who seemed finished at Real Madrid.

5. Gareth Bale is at a level that seemed impossible for him to rediscover in a white shirt just a few weeks ago.

6. Zidane said that LaLiga Santander was priority this season, and it shows.

In recent seasons the title had been lost before December, but they're still in the race this year.Yes, the refereeing was bad. But Zidane's team showed a lot at the Camp Nou. That, in some ways, was their victory.

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