Silk-covered Poison

Silk-covered Poison
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6 January 2020
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Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Washington and its acolytes (aware or unaware) have acted on a very complex board.

They don’t forgive, firstly, that it put an end to its status as a U.S. neo-colony.

Neither, that it began to promote a socio-economic program in favor of the majority.

Those first signs were more than enough for Washington to decide to eliminate the new power.

Only hours after the arrival in Havana of the Rebel Army with Fidel Castro leading, a campaign of lies against Cuba began.

The main version assured that in the midst of a "bloodbath" opponents of the Revolution were executed.

What happened actually? The trials of torturers and murderers of the pro-North American tyranny of Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar.

There were so many slanders, that Fidel Castro called a huge press conference named Operation Truth.

In the middle of that first month of 1959 several hundred foreign journalists arrived in Havana.

Those lies were then smashed, although Washington has never given up using them.

The propaganda machinery of the United States has gone through the most unthinkable anti-Cuban lies.

Their objective? Essentially misinterpret the reality of that neighboring nation and adjust it to their convenience.

In order to achieve this goal, as a permanent style they use three key elements:

The falsehood, the half lies, and everything that contributes to raise doubts.

They pay close attention to those they value as local enemies, the uninformed, and the naive.

They save some space next to those for the hyper-critics who can’t even run their own houses properly.

Finally, those self-proclaimed untouchables, or at least difficult to touch.

This is how the silk-covered poison has existed until today.

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