Bolivia: Let good sense prevail

Bolivia: Let good sense prevail
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14 November 2019
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Resigning is perhaps the wisest thing Evo Morales did. I say perhaps because his aim was to prevent a bloodshed in Bolivia, but I am not certain this will be achieved.

Nevertheless, what other option did he have left? To stick to his post to be branded, even more, as a dictator?

I visited that country twice, the last one barely two months ago, and I am fully aware that Evo Morales worked tirelessly for Bolivia’s growth. .

He handed over welfare facilities every day, from sports centers to irrigation systems and technology for the armed forces, and he even did so in different parts of the Bolivian geography on a same day.

Whenever he took the floor in those handing-over ceremonies, he reiterated his desire to be presented with new projects to carry them out. Under his tenure, Bolivia showed an unprecedented economic growth, and began to be recognized on the international scene as a sovereign nation.

In this case, the forces of law and order did not want to defend the Constitution and the much-trumpeted democracy. They stepped aside, and that’s why, hateful people get up to their old tricks. Isolated violent incidents have been reported, but things have not yet turned to terror, although that does not mean that they will not reach that stage, unfortunately.

The police suppress protesters who oppose the coup d'état against Evo Morales, the legitimate president of Bolivia.

When the lowest feelings of the human being jump into the fray, everything is possible, and Evo’s leadership bothered many inside and outside Bolivia.

His resignation and that of his closest followers was a clear demonstration of their intentions to resolve everything peacefully. However, it seems that some did not find it enough, and want to brutalize those who have ruled the country in the last thirteen years.

What a coincidence that this always happens with left governments, with Lula, with Correa, with Maduro, and now with Evo. In Mexico, the PRI remained in office several decades in a row and a president was never toppled, in Paraquay, the Colorado Party as well. Presidents changed, but politics was the same. These are the most illustrative examples, but not the only ones in Latin American democracy.

But Evo is different, and his enemies are more powerful just because his work is more significant. I do not know what the near future holds in store for Bolivia, but I dare to say that sooner rather than later the Bolivians who celebrate today will regret it because their fate will soon change.

For the time being, I only want that good sense prevails, and violence is prevented. The blood that is shed will weigh on the conscience of the coup-plotters and racists.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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