October Revolution: Pills against oblivion

October Revolution: Pills against oblivion
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7 November 2017
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On the centennial of the October Socialist Revolution left-wing forces in the world celebrate the onset of a new era and throw pills against oblivion for those who seek to ignore an event that changed history on the planet.

When commenting the meaning of that event, the member of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Russian Federation’s Communist Party (RFCP by its English initials), Valery Razhkin, highlights its importance and validity in exclusive for Orbe weekly.

“I think everybody celebrates the centennial of the Great October Revolution. 100 years ago, mankind first decided to live with socialism”, commented the also first secretary of the RFCP in this capital and deputy of the State Duma (Lower House of the Russian parliament).

“The Revolution found a path to lift Russia out of backwardness, where barely 27 percent of the population had some educational level and could read and write. In a short period illiteracy was eliminated”, he recalled.

“There was no other plan in the world like Goelro, applied by the young Soviet Union for the electrification of the whole country, villages and cities, whose work allowed to bring out all reserves, to concentrate and make them available according to development”, he asserted.

“The force that came to power in 1917 put everything according to man, to open up his potential, to live with his head held high and free”, commented the deputy amidst the preparations to mark the date with activities in St. Petersburg and Moscow.  

“That’s why, this date is celebrated all over the world, people would like to apply in their countries all the good things, all the wonderful things that were done after the 1917 events”, he considered.

“The October Revolution opened an era of the transition of capitalism to a system without exploiters or exploited, without division between rich and poor, of equal access to natural resources and with the right to fair work”, Razhkin highlighted.

“All that allows us to say that this date has a global nature, it is a date for those who fight for justice”, he remarked.

“History and time proved it is fair to consider the 1917 October Revolution the catalyst of the collapse of the colonial system. It dealt a very strong blow and showed people they can live differently”, the Russian deputy asserted

“In addition, with the victory of the Socialist Revolution, the capital immediately thought: ’that could happen to us’, and understood they could lose factories, banks, roads, air, land and maritime transport if they did not follow the path of social guarantees”, he pointed out.

That became more evident after WWII, when everyone saw and understood that the main factor of the victory over fascism as an ideology fell upon the shoulders, material, financial and human expenses of the Soviet Union”, he remembered.

“We, of course, defend historical justice, the truth, we oppose and condemn those who simply rewrite history and lie about the Soviet period”, he stated.

The deputy declared that a survey carried out several times among the population of his country asked about who and what is considered the symbol of Russia, and those surveyed did not choose a military, a scientist, a writer or a poet, but Lenin or Stalin.

“Despite what happened in the 1990s, the Russian people positively assess the period in which our grandparents and great-grandparents lived, and we too, that is, the Soviet period”, he pointed out.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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