New Dawn in Venezuela

New Dawn in Venezuela
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31 July 2017
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The Bolivarian Government led by Nicolas Maduro held on Sunday the Constituent Assembly’s election in a brave and necessary move. The 545 triumphant electees, out of almost 6,000 candidates, are responsible for translating into reality the peaceful yearnings and wishes of the people in Venezuela, as well as strengthening the Constitution.

Venezuela electoral system, regarded as one of the best in the world, witnessed the enthusiastic and massive attendance of 8,890,320 representing the 41,53% of possible voters. This figure will augment in the coming hours in what is already acknowledged as the highest number of voters in Venezuela’s history.

Let’s highlight that 66% of winners represent municipalities, and 34% represent segments of the population that include entrepreneurs, students, pensioners, and disabled people, without the participation of political parties.

The people voted massively despite of misleading media propaganda, all sort of threatens —from air attacks to assassination of leaders. The violent actions did not impede the opening of 99,5% polling stations.

The opposition siege to 203 facilities, the violence in Altamira, Tachira and other areas of the country resulted in 6 deaths. None of them was caused by the police. In fact, one policeman died and a dozen of them were wounded with burns of all kind.

Some wonder: now what? However, Venezuela was already facing the so-called soft coup, a true war, backed by an Empire that applies such strategies to those governments refusing to follow its ruling.

The revolutionary decision of participating in the election, so that violence can be stopped in an effective way, was not diminished by the serious threats issued by U.S. president Donald Trump. The U.S. is planning on sanctioning even harder Venezuela by cutting the purchase of oil. The violence in Venezuela has been led by mercenaries who belong to the domestic oligarchy as well as young men and teenagers, or even kids who have been given drugs and toys to encourage them to participate in violent actions.

But it is not of the interest of Washington nor its Organization of American States (OAS), which has tried all the time to destabilize following the U.S. plans along with “democratic” governments like Colombia’s and Panama’s —obedient since the scandal of the Panama Papers and promises of capital injection in a Neo-liberal style. And Mexico, a country that cannot get rid of its undemocratic paralysis and where 85,000 corpses have been found in the region of Patrocinio.

These three Latin American nations, which should be supporting Venezuela, pointed out they would not recognize the Constituent Assembly. Therefore, they will continue backing the terrorist paraphernalia against the Venezuelan people aiming at undermining them by scarcity and fear.

But nothing took effect because citizens voted, including those belonging to the opposition as their goal is to achieve justice, stability, protection, and safety.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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