Novelties in Junior High School for next school year

Novelties in Junior High School for next school year
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12 July 2017
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Drawing appears in 7th grade and Natural Sciences splits into Geography and Biology. Every subject will have a single textbook.

Next (2017-2018) school year , junior high school teaching will undergo some changes, as part of the Third Improvement Process the Ministry of Education (MINED) is carrying out, aimed at correcting what has been done.

The contents in Natural Sciences are split into Geography and Biology; Drawing is introduced in 7th grade, all subjects will have a single textbook and there will be three workbooks (English, Drawing and Mapping).

Likewise, Civic Education will take on the name of Moral and Citizenship Education and each grade will have its own textbook, unlike what is happening in this regard at present.

While addressing the Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power on Tuesday, Education Minister Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella explained that the school snack remains and that teachers would teach and be trained as specialists in a single discipline.

Patriotic, citizenship, legal, scientific-technological, polytechnic, labor and economic formation; health and sexuality; sustainable development; vocational guidance and professional training will be cross-curricular contents in both, grades and teachings.

The minister also announced the opening of two new pedagogical training schools with higher-middle level in the coming school year, one in Baracoa municipality, Guantanamo, and another in the capital of the country.

So, the country will have 26 centers of this type, which train preschool, special education and primary teachers, as well as English language specialists for the latter.

She also announced the training of junior high school teachers with higher-middle level, geared at easing the deficit of educators. Each province will decide the specialties and capacities, according to the needs of the territories.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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