Time Ending for Democratas and Republicans to Promote Candidates

Time Ending for Democratas and Republicans to Promote Candidates
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7 November 2016
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Less than 24 hours before electing the new President of the United States, Republicans and Democrats occupy today the main TV spaces, in a last attempt to convince undecided voters.

It is scheduled for chief of the democrat presidential campaign, John Podesta, to speak on Hillary Clinton's end campaign strategy, while the head of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Reince Priebus, will make a final appeal for his candidate, Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump had to hastily abandon the tribune of a campaign meeting in Reno, Nevada due to the threatening attitude of one of the participants in the audience.

The New York tycoon was guarded last night by members of the Secret Service who took him out through a lateral way out of the stage before an individual who pounced on the tribune and was feared to have a gun.
According to website The Hill, the Secret Service men and policemen arrested the man but found no fire arm, while Trump resumed his speech saying 'no one said it would be easy, but we will never stop'.
Meanwhile, democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, maintains today the lead over her Republican rival, Donald Trump, with a slight difference of 1.7 points.

According to the general average of several national surveys, the former Secretary of State marches ahead in vote intention 46.6 over 44.9, slightly ahead of the New York billionaire, highlights the digital website RealClearPolitic.com.
The poll carried out by Fox News (46-45) and a study by Gravis signal a technical tie between both candidates.

Only the survey made by LA Times/USC Tracking gives as winner the Republican aspirant to the White House with a one point lead over his democrat opponent.

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