Trump and Ryan Get Closer in Positions in the US

Trump and Ryan Get Closer in Positions in the US
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13 May 2016
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The virtual US Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and the president of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, have slight differences on the unity of the Republican Party toward the general presidential elections of November, a joint communique said today.

After two hours of meeting in the headquarters of the Republican National Committee, both politicians gave signs of unity after differences arisen by the lack of Ryan's support to Trump's candidacy.

Both said that they had a great conversation and that little differences existed.

"We are going to have additional discussions, but trusting that there is a big opportunity to unify our party, and to win the elections this autumn, we are completely compromised to work together to achieve this objective," they pointed out.

The campaign of the controversial investor raises that the country cannot allow itself another four years of the Democrats in the White House and that it is fundamental that the Republicans join forces, concerning common principles shared, to go forward in a conservative agenda, and to do everything they can to win this autumn.

Members of the team of Trump said that the meeting showed the existence of few disagreements and also many important areas of common interest.

The president of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, which came up in the meeting, also was present in the appointment, which marked the beginning of the offensive of the applicant to gain the support of the conferees of the red group.

This Wednesday, the ex-president of the Representative's Chamber Newt Gingrich endorsed the Trump candidacy and made open the possibility of accepting a nomination to the vicepresidency of the country.

Meanwhile, there are more figures of the party that express its support to the favorite to obtain the nomination in Cleveland, among them, ex-vice-president Dan Quayle, who made sure that Trump will be a winner in November.

Quayle, which served under the ex-president George H. W. Bush, considered Trump to be more qualified for the Oval Office than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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