Bad Mood Affects Human Health

Bad Mood Affects Human Health
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23 September 2019
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Grumpy people are not pleasant to the rest; at the least setback they have shown bad character, serious face and are little communicative. That way of being subtracts laughs, good treatment to others, as well as enthusiasm to undertake new projects in a positive way.

Specialists say that being in a bad mood is an alternative that also affects health and influences the way in which it is perceived and considered.

The level of bad luck has to do with a person like those described above in a reception, store, market or any other service delivery center.

However, it is not something irremediable; some scholars of the subject advise that when you feel that the bad mood invades you or you are not in the mood to do anything, it is possible to try to feel better in some way, such as listening to a favorite song or performing an action that causes pleasure.

There are many investigations carried out on the impact of certain actions on mood and bad mood, such as thanking. This fills the brain with serotonin and makes you feel good. According to an article from the University of California in the United States. An investigation found that people of all ages and diverse nationalities, who are willing to be more grateful, report fewer health complaints, such as headaches, stomach aches and runny nose.

On the other hand, a team of psychologists from Iowa State University found a way to improve mood and bad mood. To do this, they tested the benefits of three different techniques that can reduce anxiety and increase happiness or well-being, along with the support of a group of university students. Participants had to walk around a building practicing one of the proposed strategies.

Bad Mood Affects Human Health

The first was based on the love-kindness relationship and consisted of looking at the people around them and dedicating good wishes to them. The second was the interconnection that is about looking at those who were going through it and thinking about how they could be connected to each other based on common positive aspects. The third and last was the descending social comparison, which was to think about how you could be better than the people who were close.

The researchers compared each technique by surveying students to measure anxiety, happiness, stress, empathy and connection. They found that those who practiced goodness or wished that others were happier, felt more connected, affectionate and empathetic, as well as less anxious. The interconnection group was the most empathetic.

According to psychologists, extending loving kindness to others slows bad moods because it works to reduce anxiety, increase happiness, empathy and feelings of social connection. In addition, it is a simple strategy that does not require much time and works whatever the type of personality.

Being supportive also has a positive impact on well-being. Dean Yeong, a specialist at Taylor Lakeside University in Malaysia, explained:

“There are scientific studies that support the idea that solidarity and compassion reduce stress and depression, because of the positive feelings they generate in people. In addition, a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that solidarity is contagious, and that it depends more on the people around you than on yourself.”

Some recommended practices include when you have been working at the desk for more than an hour, stop and stretch your muscles. Five minutes is enough to energize and improve the attitude to continue the task.

Also hugging; Physical contact greatly improves mood. Not being so cold with the people you deal with on a daily basis, makes things a lot easier in everyday life; Performing exercises that release endorphins give a pleasant sensation and helps drain negative emotions and recharge the forces. Having a smile on hand and being kind to everyone favors empathy, as well as fostering good relationships with those around us.

By Teresa Valenzuela

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