Young Italians reaffirm defense of Cuban Revolution (+ Photos)

Young Italians reaffirm defense of Cuban Revolution (+ Photos)
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25 July 2022
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Rome, Jul 25 (Prensa Latina) The Italian communist youth organization Cambiare Rotta (Change of Route) on Monday issued a communiqué in support of the Cuban Revolution, in the framework of the event "Fighting as Soldiers of Ideas" in Porretta Terme, a city in northern Bologna.

At the meeting, which began on July 22, the members of the organization debated, among other issues, the process of changes in Cuba after the revolutionary victory in 1959, “an example that shows that a different world is possible,” the statement noted.

“The passionate debate brought us back to the importance of young people’s role in the revolutionary process and the need to carry it forward,” the document states.

Cambiare Rotta launched a call to hold a rally in Rome on Tuesday, in support of Cuba, on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the attacks on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes garrisons, which marked the beginning of the final stage of the struggles for Cuba’s independence.

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