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4 September 2020
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I have been admitted to an Isolation Center as I was contact of a person infected with Covid-19, and one lady brings me my breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

I could not describe her. I can barely see her eyes. Her green face mask covers her face. She is pretty young. That’s for sure. And her voice sounds like a girl’s.

She is so kind: you guess she is smiling every time she opens the door. “Is everything ok? How can I help you? Is there any problem with the apartment? Did you enjoy your food?”

She is majoring International Relations but decided not to stay at home during the pandemic. She is volunteer, as many other university students. She wakes up every day before 7:00am and never goes to bed before midnight.

And it happens every day, all week long. She has always something to do.

(There are still some who say there are not service-minded people in this country)

“I always think of those people who have to be here, away from their family. They must feel alone amid these dark hours. That is why I do my best to make them happy.

  • And your beloved ones? Are they here with you?
  • No, they are at home.
  • Oh…

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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