US-based Hatuey Supports Children Cancer Treatment

US-based Hatuey Supports Children Cancer Treatment
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23 May 2024
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The US-based Hatuey solidarity project brought a donation of medical supplies and medications to back the treatment of children suffering from cancer in Cuba.

In press conference at the Havana-based Cuban Friendship Institute Hatuey project members said that the donation aims to support the Cuban people, a gesture and feeling of the US people towards the island, not reflected by Washington.

Project coordinator Gloria La Riva said that the collection of the medications, valued at 60-thousand dollars, was supported by doctors, individuals, solidarity organizations.

Representatives of the Cuban Health Ministry expressed their appreciation for the contribution, which will be very important in the treatment of children suffering from cancer.

The President of the Cuban Friendship Institute, Fernando Gonzalez, said that every time he thinks of the United States he thinks of the US citizens whose collaboration goes beyond any borders and defies sanctions. This action identifies the nature of the US people, which is not reflected by the inhumane position of an administration imposing sanctions that threaten the Cuban people’s right to life, while allowing the genocide of Palestinians by Israeli forces.

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