UNESCO official meets with the head of INDER

UNESCO official meets with the head of INDER
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25 January 2023
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"What Cuba is doing is very much in line with what we do at UNESCO," Gabriela Ramos, assistant director general for social and human sciences at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), told JIT today.

The distinguished visitor held a working meeting with Osvaldo Vento Montiller, president of INDER, at the Coliseum of the capital's Sports City.

Forbes Award for Excellence in Management in 2017, Ramos pointed out that Cuba promotes sports and by that way inclusion. It thus provides one more resource to individuals to develop their potential and build healthier societies physically and mentally.

"We are very much aligned with what we are doing at Unesco in our Prepared for Life program. You have a program called For Life. We are very excited," he argued.

"This 2023 was declared by UNESCO as the year of sport and we want to invite Cuba to the world conference of sports ministers in June in Azerbaijan," he stressed.

The head of INDER gave a broad explanation of what the country has done in this area and updated on what brings this year with the V Alba Games, the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023, the Pan American Games of Santiago 2023, the Caribbean Baseball Series of Gran Caracas 2023 and the V World Baseball Classic, among other competitions.

He also invited the visiting delegation to participate in the I International Sports Fair (July 31 to August 5), the X International Convention on Physical Activity and Sports (Afide 2023), from November 27 to 30, and the Havana Marathon 2023, scheduled for November 19 and dedicated to Mexico. All these events will take place in Havana.

Carlos Sobrado, head of the sports for all group at INDER, explained to the visitors how much is being done in that regard on the island.

Gisleidy Sosa, director of international relations of INDER, was present at the meeting, among other guests.

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