UNESCO calls to participate in the José Martí International Prize

UNESCO calls to participate in the José Martí International Prize
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3 September 2022
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UNESCO today invited its member states to participate in the ninth edition of the José Martí International Award, which recognizes exponents of the values ​​and ideals embodied by the National Hero of Cuba.

In the call, the multilateral entity specified that for the delivery in 2023 of the UNESCO-José Martí award, created in 1994 at the initiative of Cuba, nominations will be received until October 28.

The award recognizes people and institutions with a significant contribution from anywhere in the world to the integration of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, in tune with the legacy of the independence hero.

Likewise, it highlights those who contribute to the preservation of the identity, cultural traditions and historical values ​​of the region.

UNESCO recalled in its invitation that Martí was a great leader and man of action in the struggles for the independence of Cuba, a political thinker and an eminent writer.

In 2019, the Cuban poet and essayist Roberto Fernández Retamar deserved the UNESCO-José Martí International Prize.

This prize has also been won by Mexican Alfonso Herrera (2016), Brazilian Frei Betto (2013), Argentine Atilio Borón (2009), the former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez (2005), Mexican Pablo González Casanova (2003), Ecuadorian Oswaldo Guayasamín (1999) and the Dominican Celsa Albert Batista (1995).

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