UN envoy in Venezuela denounces Washington's sanctions

UN envoy in Venezuela denounces Washington's sanctions
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14 February 2021
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During a press conference in Caracas, UN Human Rights envoy, Alena Douhan, delivered a preliminary assessment of her visit to Venezuela to evaluate the effects of Washington's blockade against the Latin American nation.

The UN diplomat said that the ongoing humanitarian crisis hitting the Venezuelan people is a direct effect of the sanctions imposed by the United States.  She remarked her visit was based on United Nations standards of independence, impartiality, and comprehensiveness.

Douhan added that the unilateral measures implemented against Venezuela, its institutions and assets abroad, violate international law.  She added that the sanctions implemented by Washington and its European allies also violate the rights of the country to respond to the needs of a people suffering from the consequences of the blockade.

The UN official has described the effects of the illegal U.S. sanctions on Venezuela as "devastating." Although Washington goes on imposing sanctions on the Latin American country; the UN diplomat urged the U.S. to stop its harmful measures.


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