Trump: Sustained with pins?

Trump: Sustained with pins?
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20 March 2020
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Even when Donald Trump mocked at the coronavirus at the beginning, he’s overwhelmed by it now.

His strategy was described in Washington by two Associated Press (AP) journalists, Lisa Mascaro and Zeke Miller.

They explained that in an attempt to ease that serious crisis the Senate analyzed on Wednesday the approval of $100,000 passed by the House of Representatives to curb the worst.

At the same time, the Trump administration and lawmakers were working separately “in a massive effort “to speed up emergency controls” on the US people.

Also on companies and federal government agencies.

According to AP, the new economic package alone might exceed $1 billion.

What does this fact mean? A bailout plan unseen since the global financial crisis that took place a decade ago.

Add to this that Trump ordered both to speed up coronavirus testing and to send mobile military hospitals, and begged ordinary citizens to stay at home.  

AP recalled that the coronavirus epidemic has infected over 204,000 people and killed some 8,200 worldwide.

The disease causes minor or moderate symptoms in many people and the vast majority recovers.

Some people, especially elderlies or with previous medical conditions, can suffer serious complications.

It has been within that context that a very significant reality circulated:

For example, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) did not approve to grant Venezuela $5 billion loan requested to reinforce its fight against the virus.

In addition, U.S. keeps its sanctions against Iran, where there are victims from that same epidemic.

The magnitude of the situation is shown in curfews across the cities of that country, where patients have been charged with $3,000 for a coronavirus test.

This is just a pale picture regarding the current nightmare.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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