Sports games for war-wounded conclude in Syria

Sports games for war-wounded conclude in Syria
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24 August 2021
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Damascus Aug 24 (Prensa Latina) The first sports games for military wounded during the anti-terrorist operations, concluded this Monday in the sports facilities of the Syrian coastal city of Latakia.
About 100 athletes, 92 from Syria and the rest from Iraq and the Russian Federation, participated during five days in swimming, athletics, weightlifting, table tennis, basketball and badminton.

The winning athletes and teams received medals, certificates of recognition and cash for their efforts and determination to participate in the games.

First Lady Asma al Assad, supervisor of the National 'Wounded for the Homeland' Program organizer of the event, highlighted the high competitive and fraternal spirit, and expressed the view that these games convey messages of hope, strength and persistence.

Tens of thousands of Syrian military personnel were wounded since the start of the war in this Arab nation in 2011. The 'Wounded for the Homeland' Program is responsible for providing care to the injured from the first moment of their treatment to providing them with a project to support their families.

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