Solidarity campaign with Cuba launched in France

Solidarity campaign with Cuba launched in France
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10 February 2024
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The Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) association launched today a call on French soil to donate funds for a campaign aimed at alleviating the impact of the US blockade against the island.

The call circulated in Paris appeals to citizens, local authorities, public and private companies, foundations, unions, political forces and solidarity organizations to contribute money to the initiative.

As recipients of aid with food and basic necessities, CubaCoop cited hospitals and other health facilities, orphanages and educational centers in the Antillean nation.

In its call, the association created in 1995 to enhance cooperation between both countries, particularly decentralized cooperation, recalled that for more than six decades Cuba and its people have suffered the consequences of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade, a policy that it described of criminal.

According to Víctor Fernández, president of CubaCoop, the intention of the call is for other organizations to join the collection.

For almost 30 years, the French association has promoted dozens of projects to accompany the socioeconomic development of the island, in sectors ranging from water and sanitation to renewable energy, food security and culture.

Fernández insisted on his vision that support for Cuba must encompass both the political component, marked by the denunciation and condemnation of the blockade, and the economic component, consisting of cooperation, the encouragement of investments and the facilities for French businessmen to make business in the beleaguered Caribbean country.

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