Rescue of Mexican miners continues

Rescue of Mexican miners continues
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30 August 2022
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Mexico City, Aug 30 (Prensa Latina) The head of Mexico's Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez, denied that the rescue of 10 miners trapped in a mine in Coahuila will stop, and reiterated that the approved plan continues.

Yesterday there were strong rumors, allegedly coming from the miners’ families, that the work was being concluded and their bodies would be left inside the mine, as happened with the 63 miners still trapped in Pasta de Conchos since 2006.

The 10 miners were trapped in the El Pinabete mine, located in Villa Agujita, Coahuila, on the 3rd of this month and despite the enormous efforts and resources deployed to try to rescue them alive, new floods prevented them from being rescued.

In statements to the press, the official explained that after a long dialogue with the families ‘we are doing very well, an agreement was reached’.

She said that this consists of carrying out the excavation in the open air towards the flooded wells and, at the same time, creating a memorial with ‘specific details’, in addition to the compensation to each family, although, she admitted, she still does not have the amount that will be delivered.

She recalled that at least six months are foreseen before it will be possible to enter the galleys of the coal mine shaft where the workers lie.

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