Ralph Gonsalves calls to work in solidarity within G77+China Group

Ralph Gonsalves calls to work in solidarity within G77+China Group
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15 September 2023
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The Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, on Friday called on the members of the G77+China group to work together in solidarity to face the global challenges afflicting humanity.

Speaking at the plenary session of the Summit of Heads of State and Governments of this integrating bloc, Gonsalves denounced the existing inequalities between rich and poor nations in the access, control and distribution of the world's resources.

The  leader called for a more coordinated and united action in order not to depend on the 'crumbs coming from the powerful nations,' but warned that this solidarity must come from within the nations themselves.

The head of Government described as excellent the declaration approved at the Summit and urged to adopt future agreements, which are 'necessary and desirable agreements to transform the situation described.'

In this context, he called for creative resistance, through a program of our own in which 'we negotiate with the rich, but we have our own interests at heart.'

Gonsalves assured that we are at a moment of multipolarity, in an emerging world created under circumstances of the past that are ties and nightmares for humanity.

In this regard, he remarked that issues such as the financing of development, climate change, the economic order, the use of technologies and others 'must be addressed within the framework of solidarity among us.'

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