Puebla Group Demands Luis Almagro's Resignation From OAS

Puebla Group Demands Luis Almagro's Resignation From OAS
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22 October 2020
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In a formal letter the Puebla Group requested the resignation of OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro for his role in precipitating Bolivia's violent coup in November 2019. Photo: Twitter/@BrunoRguezP

"Several studies by international research centers have pointed out in recent months: there was no fraud in the October 2019 elections, and Evo Morales should have been in office as the legitimate president of Bolivia," the letter said.

However, as an observer, the OAS did not recognize those elections and was one of the main actors triggering a situation of political and social violence, which ended in a coup d'état and the subsequent resignation of President Evo Morales, the group said.

"Furthermore, the triumph of the MAS-IPSP is ratified in the first analysis of the results in the voting centers that were pointed out by the OAS as examples of fraud in the past elections, this time with an even higher percentage margin than last October," it pointed out.

Puebla Group calls for the resignation of OAS head Luis Almagro for the role he played in the destabilization of Bolivia and given that there was no fraud in the October 2019 elections. @teleSURenglish pic.twitter.com/XyaQiOGDQA

— Camila (@camilateleSUR) October 21, 2020
"In view of this evidence, it is clear that the regional leadership of the Secretary-General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, must be seriously questioned," the group affirmed. 

"The role he played in the democratic destabilization of Bolivia and the exclusionary relations he maintains with other countries in the area disqualify him from continuing to exercise the role of democratic mediation and facilitation that he should play at the head of such an important post," the letter added. 

"His departure will help recover peace in the region and reactivate the regional integration that has been so necessary in these times of pandemic," the Puebla Group said.

Among the signatories to the group's petition are Dilma Rousseff, Ernesto Samper, Rafael Correa, José Luis Zapatero, Fernando Lugo, Aloizio Mercadante, Iván Cepeda and Celso Amorim, among others.

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