The process of creation of MSMEs starts today in Cuba

The process of creation of MSMEs starts today in Cuba
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20 September 2021
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Havana, Sep 20 (RHC) This Monday came into force the regulatory package that legalizes for the first time in Cuba, the creation of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), while establishing changes in the operation of non-agricultural cooperatives and self-employment.

According to the regulations, projects may be carried out in all activities; only some 112 activities are prohibited, both for TCPs, cooperatives and MSMEs.

MSMEs may be state-owned, private or mixed (a combination of the first two).

Micro: from one to 10 people

Small: 11 to 35

Medium: from 36 to 100

Non-agricultural cooperatives, an economic actor that had been operating in Cuba on an experimental basis since 2013, now have a legal text with lightened regulations. The text ratifies the principles of NACs, while eliminating regulations and restrictions such as the number of partners and territorial scope.

The Ministry of Economy and Planning, will lead the process of creation of cooperatives and MSMEs.

According to official sources, there are currently some 602,000 self-employment licenses in the country, and as of the new provisions many holders will have to convert their business into MSMEs or CNAs

Decree-Law 44 establishes important changes to self-employment promoted in the country since 2010, and the most significant is its definition, as it is now seen as a job that is performed autonomously, although the holder may hire up to three employees.

Applications will be made at the processing offices, which have already been set up in the municipal Labor Directorates. In the case of activities related to transportation, they must go to the offices set up by the Ministry of the sector.

This Sunday, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security published on its Twitter account the form to apply for a project.



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