President Diaz-Canel says Cuba celebrates a victory of the Revolution on July 11th

President Diaz-Canel says Cuba celebrates a victory of the Revolution on July 11th
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11 July 2022
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The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel said Sunday in Bauta, in the western province of Artemisa, that the true significance of July 11th last year was a victory for the Revolution and another defeat for the empire.

The Cuban president told the press after concluding his participation in a productive day for young people that despite the fact that people have tried to give a different meaning to that date, if there is something to celebrate it is the victory of the people against the attempts to carry out a soft coup, which in reality was vandalism.

"There were unpleasant events, there were vandalism acts with viciousness and tremendous vulgarity, but the people went out to the streets to defend the Revolution and in less than 24 hours there were no more disturbances," he emphasized.

He added that now, mainly from Miami, they are trying to commemorate the date by calling for ruptures from violent positions, attacking the tranquility of the citizens, with a language of hatred and violence, as it has happened during the last year.

Díaz-Canel pointed out that the U.S. embassy in Havana is concerned about the trials that were carried out in Cuba according to all rights and constitutional order, but never talks about the disappeared and murdered from other countries.

"The Revolution has always been revolutionizing, but in a scenario of constant economic, political and media siege, with an intensified blockade from which the people are going to come out revolutionizing and making their creative resistance more and more evident," he said.

The head of state pointed out that the current U.S. government, when it felt the pressure at the Summit of the Americas due to Cuba's absence, announced a group of measures of which no results have been seen, which reveals a lot of hypocrisy, double standards and dependencies in that system of power.

He stressed that Cubans have the conviction that the blockade has to be overcome by themselves and that there is a willingness to dialogue on the part of Havana, but with respect and without yielding to sovereignty.

"We are open to dialogue but on equal terms, they have wasted a lot of time, they have turned a deaf ear to what even the world has asked of them," he stressed.

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