President Boluarte Is Accused Of Co-Authoring Apurimac Massacre

President Boluarte Is Accused Of Co-Authoring Apurimac Massacre
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15 February 2023
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Six Peruvians died and 83 people were injured in antigovernment mobilizations in Apurimac department. 

On Monday, Peru’s Institute of Legal Defense (IDL) filed a complaint to Prosecutor Patricia Benavides against President Dina Boluarte, whom it accused of co-authoring the massacre at the Apurimac department in December 2022.

“Six citizens died, and 83 people were injured in these mobilizations. Two out of ive people injured by firearms are teenagers. In all cases, not only the victims suffer, but their families and communities," the IDL said.

In its complaint, Police Director General Raul Alfaro, Apurimac Department Police Chief Luis Flores, President of the Council of Ministers Alberto Otorola, and former Interior Minister Cesar Cervantes are also accused of co-authoring this massacre. 

"We have audiovisual material and testimonies of victims that demonstrate the involvement of security forces in this massacre. Nevertheless, we recognize that Police agents could not commit it without the support of the highest level authorities," the IDL stressed.

Since Dec. 7, 2022, Peruvians have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of Boluarte, the closure of Congress, the call for early general elections, and the establishment of a constituent assembly.

As of Feb. 12, security forces controlled by the Boluarte regime had killed 60 people and injured 1,299 citizens in their attempt to suppress the protests. On Monday, Boluarte extended for another 30 days the "State of Exception" decreed in Cuzco, Puno, Lima, and Callao.

As a result of her decision, the Armed Forces and Police can operate practically without restrictions in those territories, which seriously threatens the validity of human rights in Peru.


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