Prensa Latina Launches Book on 65th Anniversary of Operation Truth

Prensa Latina Launches Book on 65th Anniversary of Operation Truth
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6 January 2024
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The Latin American news agency Prensa Latina will launch a book dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Operación Verdad (Operation Truth), a mass press conference given by Fidel Castro to denounce the media attacks by the United States against the triumphant Cuban Revolution.

The book, entitled “Prensa Latina, Voz del Sur Global (Prensa Latina, Voice of the Global South), also celebrates the 65th anniversary of the news agency, founded five months later as a concrete result of that journalistic event that brought some 400 professionals together in Havana on January 21 and 22, 1959.

On the occasion of both anniversaries, and as a tribute to the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Prensa Latina convened a New International Forum for those same days this year, with the participation of ministers, media executives, journalists and renowned figures from several countries.

The book gathers extensive information related to Operation Truth (1959) and its protagonists, and the demand to create a Latin American and Caribbean voice in an information scenario dominated by large foreign media monopolies.

The book highlights the participation of outstanding Latin American journalists in the founding of Prensa Latina, including Nobel Prize winners Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia) and Miguel Angel Asturias (Guatemala), as well as its first director, Jorge Ricardo Masetti, from Argentina.

The 80-page text is the result of contributions from more than a dozen journalists and technicians, both young and old, and contains some 40 photos of important events covered by Prensa Latina in more than six decades of work.

It also deals with the various areas of the new agency’s work, from news and audiovisuals, to radio and television works, social media and the Internet, photography and the production of more than 15 newspapers and magazines.

All this, with the important role of its correspondents in some 40 countries on all continents.

The news agency is currently the main multimedia outlet in Cuba, with a daily news service of some 400 stories in seven languages, and it is one of Cuba’s most consulted portals on the Internet.

Prensa Latina has survived the most diverse attacks in 65 years and has become an essential reference to those who oppose it and to those who, from the Global South and the world, defend objective multilateralism in international communication against fake news, Prensa Latina President Luis Enrique González wrote in the prologue of the book.

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