IN PHOTOS: Alicia Dances Coppelia

IN PHOTOS: Alicia Dances Coppelia
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1 June 2020
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Rare, very few ballets from the 19th century have withstood the passing of years. Coppelia is one of them. 150 years ago, on May 25th, it was premiered at the famous Paris Opera and it remains one of the most popular works in the world repertoire. In Cuba a woman made this play one of her presentation card: Alicia Alonso. The famous dancer was one of the best performers of this ballet, whom she gave her unique histrionics and her full mastery of style.

Since the middle of the century Alicia played the leading role in theaters in America and Europe. Just looking at historical footage to verify the strength of her execution. But the greatest contribution of the prima ballerina assoluta was her version of this delightful choreographic comedy, which took the color of European folklore and she finished it with the grace and strength of the Cuban ballet school. Coppelia, in Cuba, is a true party.

In Alicia Alonso's centenary year, the Cuban National Ballet remembers her as one of the best Swanildas of all times. Alicia will also be, forever, the naughty doll.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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