Peruvian Police and Parapolice Attack Protesters in Ica Region

Peruvian Police and Parapolice Attack Protesters in Ica Region
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26 January 2023
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In the early hours of Thursday, Peruvian police, plainclothes police, and members of private security agencies attacked protesters in Los Alamos, in the Ica region, leaving several dead and injured.

Through social networks, citizens denounced the violent acts that the security forces under the command of President Dina Boluarte are committing. Several videos show detonations of firearms and people with gunshot wounds.

Antifa Watch posted information showing that the police and paramilitaries are shooting at protesters in Ica, where citizens recorded at least three deaths on early Thursday morning.

“The clashes continue. Police launch gas and shots throughout the urban area near El Alamo, Pueblo Joven Señor de Luren,” the site La Lupa said and posted a video showing a young man injured by the impact of a firearm.

The tweet reads, "In Los Alamos, in Ica, right now. The Police and armed groups of hitmen, private security agencies, and plainclothes police (parapolice) are shooting to kill."

On Wednesday afternoon, Victor Manuel Montalvo, the director of the Ica Regional Health Department, confirmed the existence of 24 people injured when he made a preliminary assessment of the protests. For its part, Andina news agency reported 63 citizens injured as a result of clashes at the Pan-American highway.

Peru has been experiencing intense social protests since Dec. 7, 2022, when Congress removed President Pedro Castillo and appointed Dina Boluarte as President. So far, repression has left over 60 people dead and dozens injured and arrested.

Citizens demand the resignation of Boluarte, the closure of Congress, the calling of a Constituent Assembly, the immediate holding of general elections, and the release of Castillo, who is in pretrial detention accused of rebellion.


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