Pachito Alonso Considers Varadero Josone Festival Necessary

Pachito Alonso Considers Varadero Josone Festival Necessary
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26 August 2023
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The holding of the Varadero Josone Rumba, Jazz & Son Festival is interesting and at the same time I consider it very necessary for Cuban culture, the outstanding musician Pachito Alonso told Prensa Latina.

The artists and especially the musicians are on tour most of the time, so it is difficult for them to play for the Cuban people and share stages with colleagues, aspects that the Festival allows in a date like the summer that always attracts many people to their performances, he said.

The son of the stellar musician Pacho Alonso, one of Cuba’s most important artists in the 20th century, explained that this event brings together many musical genres and generations of artists, which guarantees an excellent exchange of experiences.

With the Varadero Josone Rumba, Jazz & Son, experienced artists and young talents taking their first steps in the music industry can interact in a great way with the public, the event already generates interest but if over time the budget and economic support is increased, the event will grow substantially, especially in terms of foreign presence, Alonso added.

The director of the Kini Kini, an orchestra that for decades has been among the most popular in Cuba, pointed out that the event will generate more spectacle as more artists join the project, that is an objective on which Issac Delgado is working, and I’m sure that he will achieve his goal for the good of Cuban music.

Regarding his orchestra, Pachito said that the group will travel soon to the United States for a tour and later to Colombia and Chile.

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