Order of Sports Merit for eminent physicians

Order of Sports Merit for eminent physicians
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8 March 2023
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Havana, March 8 (JIT) - A group of doctors and technicians from the Institute of Sports Medicine (IMD) received the Order of Sports Merit awarded to Cuban and foreign citizens in recognition of extraordinary merits achieved in this field. 

Ms. C. José Antonio Rojas highlighted, on behalf of the distinguished, the love they feel for what they do every day in defense of the health of athletes and the people in general.

"This recognition is also for our colleagues. We are very happy," said the physician of the national basketball team.

Rojas was accompanied by other excellent doctors such as Eduardo Negrete Torres, who works with the senior taekwondo team; Ms. C. Rafael Llerena Nápoles, of the Domadores de Cuba (boxing), Ms. C. Sara Acosta Córdova (women's wrestling) and Ms. C. Lázaro Ramos O'Farril (adapted swimming).

Also honored were Andrés Nicolás Ríos Hernández, specialist, researcher and consulting professor, and Hugo Marcelo Quiroga, physician of the national racquetball team. 

Also receiving the Order were José Ramón Barrizonte González, physical medicine and rehabilitation technologist of the national volleyball team; and Emelina Reyes Carballosa, IMD's frame specialist.

The Order was presented by Dr. Pablo Castillo Díaz, director of IMD, and Yudith Ramírez, secretary of the IMD's union bureau. The ceremony took place in the Cuban Sports Hall, located in the Coliseum of the capital's Sports City.

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