Norwegian MP nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize after Israel-UAE peace deal

Norwegian MP nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize after Israel-UAE peace deal
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9 September 2020
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Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian parliament, has nominated US President Donald Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, lauding his efforts toward “resolving protracted conflicts worldwide.”

The nomination came just weeks after Trump helped to broker peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The agreement may lead to the full normalization of diplomatic relations between the two Middle Eastern nations. “For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees,” Tybring-Gjedde told Fox News.

In a letter to the Nobel Committee, the Norwegian also cited Trump’s efforts in “facilitating contact between conflicting parties” and “creating new dynamics” in several international conflicts. They include, in particular, the border dispute between India and Pakistan and tensions with North Korea.

Tybring-Gjedde, who expects other countries to follow in the footsteps of the UAE, described the agreement as a game changer that “will turn the Middle East into a region of cooperation and prosperity.”
Also on UAE says deal with Israel is not directed at Tehran, summons Iran’s envoy after President Rouhani blasts agreement

In 2018, Tybring-Gjedde, along with another member of Norway’s parliament, again submitted Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. That move followed Trump’s historic summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. Japan also nominated the US leader for the Nobel Peace Prize, but Trump did not win.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute has not confirmed the new nomination, citing a confidentiality clause, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Conservative-leaning Tybring-Gjedde said he wasn’t a huge Trump supporter.

 The committee should look at the facts… The people who have received the Peace Prize in recent years have done much less than Donald Trump. For example, Barack Obama did nothing.

Then-President Obama was awarded the 2009 Peace Prize after the Nobel Committee recognized his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

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