Nicaraguan government to send food ship to Cuba

Nicaraguan government to send food ship to Cuba
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28 July 2021
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The Nicaraguan government announced Tuesday that it will send a ship with food to Cuba to help face the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic and the aggressiveness of the United States.

We are preparing the ship Augusto César Sandino, which will take to Havana our solidarity with Nicaraguan food, to contribute in these moments of the pandemic, which includes the Yankee plague that we are fighting', said resident Daniel Ortega, in a letter published by the portal 19Digital.

The Sandinista leader emphasized that this food represents the respect and eternal gratitude of the Nicaraguan people to the Cuban Revolution and its historical leaders.

'Here we are', always together, always illuminated by the hope, work, and courage that characterizes us, creating, bare-chested, the new times for peace and development,' Ortega added.

In her daily address, Vice President Rosario Murillo confirmed the arrival in the coming days of the support mentioned earlier to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.




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