Nicaragua breaks off relations with the Netherlands

Nicaragua breaks off relations with the Netherlands
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1 October 2022
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Managua, Oct 1 (Prensa Latina) The government of Nicaragua broke off bilateral relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands due to its reiterated interventionist and neocolonialist position, a diplomatic note informed today.

According to the text, the Netherlands offended Nicaraguan families with threats and suspension of works for the common good, such as hospitals for native and Afro-descendant communities.

“We repudiate and condemn the offenses and crimes of that colonialist and neocolonialist Europe, against coveted and attacked countries like ours,” the document underlines.

Likewise, the document called the Dutch government neocolonial and pro-imperial and affirmed that the continued offensive of its representation, undiplomatic and in violation of the Vienna Convention, “obliges us to take this measure that we defend with honor, dignity and sovereign spirit.”

Dutch authorities regretted Nicaragua’s decision after the European country announced it would not fund the construction of a hospital due to human rights situation.

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