More than 200 world personalities denounce the U.S. for promoting subversion in Cuba

More than 200 world personalities denounce the U.S. for promoting subversion in Cuba
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10 November 2021
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The U.S. administration allocates millions of dollars for internal subversion in Cuba, calling for civil disobedience, anarchy, and chaos, denounced more than 200 personalities from around the world in a communiqué to the international community.

The signatories pointed out that for this task, the U.S. executive counts on "the complicity of the great corporate media" and with "individuals who, mainly from Florida, set up campaigns calling for violent protests in the streets to overthrow the Cuban government."

Likewise, inside the island, there are groups and "individuals who feel supported and protected by Washington" who, taking advantage of "the difficult economic situation due to the blockade and the situation aggravated by Covid-19,  call for subversive demonstrations" with the sole purpose of overthrowing the current political system, according to the document.

From the legal point of view, the signatories recalled that these actions are carried out against Cuban laws "which prohibit any attack on the current political system, as is logical in all the states of the world. And even more so when a foreign power incites it".

In this line, they pointed out to the U.S. government that Cuba has never carried out "actions against its security, much less has it interfered in its internal affairs, nor has it called on U.S. citizens to subvert the established order, despite the multiple and serious internal social problems of this world power."

For all these reasons, they demanded that Washington "cease the inhuman blockade against Cuba and stop its attempts to destabilize the country,"  actions that seek  "to asphyxiate the Cuban economy and cause suffering to its population so that it will revolt against the revolutionary government."

Among the signatories are, among others, former presidents Dilma Roussef (Brazil), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), José Manuel Zelaya (Honduras) and Ernesto Samper (Colombia), Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, philosophers such as Gianni Vattimo and Fernando Buen Abad, Brazilian singer Chico Buarque and theologian Leonardo Boff.

The communiqué was also signed by dozens of ministers, deputies, senators, and diplomats from various European and Latin American countries, as well as journalists, academics, jurists, writers, artists, filmmakers and also from the world of sports, such as César Luis Menotti, former coach of the Argentine national soccer team.


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