María Elvira Salazar stands up for Donald Trump

María Elvira Salazar stands up for Donald Trump
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16 February 2021
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Another sign of the satisfaction of the anti-Cuban mafia rooted in Miami with the events that took place last January 6th at the Washington’s Capitol are for sure the statements issued by the newly-elected Republican congresswoman, María Elvira Salazar, in an interview granted to Telemundo channel.

The Cuban-American congresswoman not only addressed the political trial that Democrats are holding against former president Donald Trump as a “political revenge”, but she also insisted on the alleged communist conspiracy bandied around the Democrats ranks, as well as the false theory of electoral fraud:

“There have been irregularities that need to be reviewed and the state of Florida is the model state to follow. (…) Socialism continues to be for us the biggest and greatest challenge that we have in this country, which is infiltrated within the Democratic party.”

As for the responsibility attributed to former President Donald Trump for the assault on the congress headquarters, Salazar said:

“I think we should have denounced extremist groups, white supremacists, many years ago, who have nothing to do with our party, or with the Republicans, or with the conservatives.”

“The people who stormed in the Capitol are a group of bandits and criminals who should face justice. This has nothing to do with the party, nor has it anything to do with this moment we are in. The thing is that there is a lot of political revenge and a lot of partisanship in Washington.”

The “bandits and criminals” referred to by Maria Elvira are the same “very special” people who “truly are on our country side”, who were celebrated by the president in his first public statement after the events of January 6th:

“This was a fraudulent election but we cannot play the game of these people. We need peace, so we go home. We love them, they are very special,” said the still President back then.

In addition to confirming that the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami, which the former television journalist represents, is not resigned to the ridicule and the failure of its extreme defense of the defeated Donald Trump, the congresswoman’s statements demonstrate the way that these so-called “representatives” use and manipulate the naivety and ignorance of their constituents at their convenience.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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