Italian writer’s work presented at Havana Book Fair

Italian writer’s work presented at Havana Book Fair
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17 February 2024
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"The Last Farmer" is the title of the work by Italian writer Maria Chiara Ferri presented at the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, where the Havana International Book Fair continues today.

The testimonial volume of the pedagogue covers part of the history of Borgoratto, a small and ancient neighborhood of the municipality of Gragnano Trebbiense in the Italian province of Piacenza.

The day before, at the presentation of the book, Cuban writer and visual artist Jorge Luis Rodriguez stressed that the vitality and importance of “The Last Farmer” lies in its obvious attempt to rescue the memory of the place from the living word of its inhabitants and rigorous historical research.

The testimonies included in this book draw and depict an era that was the seed and seed of a part of the history of the brotherly Italian people, commented the professor of the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts.

As another of the values of the text, he mentioned its ample photographic support that helps to understand the customs and traditions of a remote era.

“The fact of showing us from the graphics, for example, several means of transportation used at that historical moment takes us back to a way of life that, with the passing of time and modernity, has been left behind,” he concluded.

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