Italian Minister Reaffirms Significance of Covid-19 Vaccination

Italian Minister Reaffirms Significance of Covid-19 Vaccination
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19 November 2022
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Italy's Health Minister Orazio Schillaci on Saturday denied information about alleged dismissal of Covid-19 vaccines, according to media reports.



In statements published on Saturday on La Voce di Mantova newspaper´s website and other local publications, Schillaci stated that “the information confirm the significance of Covid-19 vaccination to fight off fresh infections, and to prevent ICU admissions and deaths”.


Schillaci described as “malicious interpretation” the reference in various Italian media outlets to the questioning of the effects of immunization by the Undersecretary of the health ministry Marcello Gemmato.


In a recent interview, when asked about the possibility that without a mass vaccination Italy´s Covid-19 mortality rating would have been even higher, Gemmato replied, “Without vaccines it would have been worse? There is no evidence.”


Instead, Schillaci acknowledged that “the most recent analyses done by the Higher Institute of Health allow us to estimate that the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Italy has made it possible to prevent over 500,000 hospitalizations.”


Mass immunization also made it possible to reduce ICU admissions by more than 55,000 and about 150,000 deaths.


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