International Jazz Plaza Festival concluded in eastern Cuba

International Jazz Plaza Festival concluded in eastern Cuba
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30 January 2024
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After eight busy days and with an artistic gala at the central Plaza de Marte in this city, the 39th edition of the International Jazz Plaza Festival concluded on Sunday.

The closing ceremony was performed by Original de Manzanillo, Zulema Iglesias, Eyeife Jazz Club, Inter-Nos las Artes, Harmony Cuban Project, Maikel Elizarde and Rumbata.

Roberto Fonseca, artistic director of the festival, told the Cuban News Agency that this year's edition was more crowded with musicians and audience, and highlighted the pleasure of playing in this province, where people understand every musical note and detail of the presentations.
He said that in 2025 there will be "Jazz Plaza" in Santiago de Cuba, a city of great importance for musicians trained in the Caribbean island.

For his part, Rodulfo Vaillant, head of the organizing committee in the territory, said that the festival fulfilled the expectations, since what was achieved is a sign of a fruitful work in favor of Cuban culture.

Within the framework of the "Jazz Plaza", the colloquium "Mariano Merceron In Memoriam" was also held at the Sierra Maestra Hall of the Hotel Melià Santiago de Cuba, which was an academic space, with the aim of helping students of Artistic Education and the people to better understand Cuban music.

Likewise, the participants in the theoretical meeting discussed Bossa Nova in the work of the Zafiros, the young jazzmen in the Hermanos Saiz Association, as well as the inter-influences between Cuban classical music and that genre, among other topics, and paid special tribute to the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Son 14 ensemble.

The Sala Dolores, the Iris Jazz Club, the patio La Jutia Conga of the Cuban Writers and Artists Association in the territory, the Cafe Teatro Macuba, and the Caguayo Foundation were some of the locations of the jazz celebration, which was held for the sixth time in this city.

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