“Headquarters of First Major Transnational of Hate against Cuba Made Official in Miami”

“Headquarters of First Major Transnational of Hate against Cuba Made Official in Miami”
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7 February 2022
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Of course this headline is fake, but it is not far from reality. Well, if they have already decided to invest so much in the industry of hate against Cuba, they must register the company and pay taxes. This world in crisis could make good use of it.

In actual fact, it is not a new venture. An article released on the blog —Bar Mojito News— provides some examples that prove us right, starting with “Mr. Oscar D’Leon,” who traveled to Cuba in 1983 “to meet what he believed his musical roots, which triggered waves of praises to the island. In Miami, such empathy and love did not like much. The Anti-Castro community raved about record labels and the media. Oscar D’León’s career was about to get ruined. He was forced to withdraw from his trip to Cuba. But he was not forgiven, nonetheless.” So was revealed in a text signed by Cuban journalist Félix López, and adds “three decades later, Oscar admitted in an interview granted to Notimex: “Although I still want it, I do not have plans to visit Cuba again. You always become a scapegoat for people in Miami.”

Colombian Juanes, Pablo Milanés, Los Van Van and rapper of Cuban origin Pitbull were all affected “in real life” by Miami's repudiation rallies (including shows of public CD destruction). Why? Plain and simple, as Mojito News states: “they committed the heresy of singing for the Cubans.”

However, both Internet and social networks have become a powerful tool for that industry that firstly, financed internal hatred and bilateral relations between Cubans on both sides of the Straits of Florida.

But disrespecting, defaming, and pressing the island’s artists, athletes, and other public figures until they break and force them to repeat that speech on Cuba in which some key words cannot be missing: dictatorship, violation of human rights, political prisoners do not seem like enough for them. The same occurs with the economic, commercial, and financial blockade, our society, and our culture. They have implemented this extraterritoriality of hate by attacking world’s people, celebrities who plan or project to commit the “original sin.”

They have been successful sometimes. But most of the time, they have not spoiled our party. Although some showed weakness at the first offer, others forced them to raise the offer before falling (we cannot fail to acknowledge they resisted), and with many, more than they had planned, they did not succeed.

We have not lacked illustrious guests, in spite of everything, nor Cuban men and women who are as faithful as they are talented and brave who have chosen to continue here spreading joy and giving a very hard fight, always prioritizing life and hope.

Shame versus Money

60 years seem not enough war to the enemies of the Cuban people. Trump strengthened that policy, which endures over time. And they have decided to add to the media war, campaigns, and “plots” —word they use on social networks—, economic and financial siege, an alleged cultural siege that it is, actually, more of the same.  

It is a sort of frustration that does not allow them to build bridges of love. It is, in fact, more of that hatred and disrespect for the rights of a nation that has sovereignly chosen its fate. A hatred that hurts deeply when it comes from people with your same blood, from people who played with you in the neighborhood and who, even without knowing who Andy and Lucas are, sometimes hummed some of their songs with you at high school festivals.

This is not about whether they are good or bad artists (although we should not forget that they could not do the same with the Rolling Stones). But, in essence, this is not about art, but about culture. This is a cultural, ideological war; an unconventional and cruel war of attrition. A war in which there has been no truce in the midst of a pandemic, of death, of loss; on the contrary, they have taken advantage of them without humanity or ethics.

Lie no more, it is not a fight against "the dictatorship" or "communism:" it is a fight against the people of Cuba; a constant and perverse hinder to our opportunities for development, prosperity, our joys and our hopes. They do not defend any ideal, they have no conviction. It is another round of an old fight: shame versus money.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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