Gustavo Petro calls in Cuba to deal with no-double standard war

Gustavo Petro calls in Cuba to deal with no-double standard war
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16 September 2023
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Colombian President Gustavo Petro urged at the G77+China Summit -held in Cuba- to tackle down on the no difference, double standard war issue.

He assured that it is impossible to assume responsibilities of major problems of humanity if there is a war.

'I would ask the G77+China that we also address this issue to overcome it. Not because we have to take sides between Russia or Ukraine, but because we should compare two situations explicitly in today's world debate'.

The Colombian leader expressed when referring to the war conflicts in the world today and the positions around them.

'What is the difference between the Russian-Ukrainian war and the Israeli-Palestinian war? And why this double standard to assume a great front of human unity in the Russian-Ukrainian war against Russia, and not take sides and sabotage the possibility of a great human front in the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territory, if it is the same thing?' he questioned.

According to President Petro, it would be important for the G77+China to propose to the United Nations and all the powers around the world that it is time to hold two immediate peace conferences for the good of humanity.


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