Granma returns solidly to Cuban baseball campaign

Granma returns solidly to Cuban baseball campaign
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8 March 2023
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Bayamo, March 8 (JIT) - The Alazanes de Granma announced a strong roster for the 62nd National Baseball Series, which is scheduled to begin on March 22 at its Mártires de Barbados stadium against the Cocodrilos de Matanzas.

The list, which includes such stellar players as Alfredo Despaigne and Roel Santos, among others, includes 10 rookies and 15 players under 23 years of age, which speaks of its gradual renewal with quality.

Other outstanding figures are Iván Prieto, Guillermo Avilés, Carlos Benítez, Osvaldo Abreu, Raico Santos, Alexquemer Sánchez, Leandro Martínez, César García, Yoel Mogena and others.

Abreu, the first-time captain, highlighted in his words the integration of the rookies and predicted another triumph for the territory.

Leonardo Soto, first-time mentor, acknowledged that "we have a great commitment, we are the champions and we are aware that we must maintain our discipline, dedication and desire to win. It is not easy, but we have always succeeded.

Carlos Martí, outgoing manager of the team, commented emotionally that "this team has won four championships in a decade, it has maintained the rhythm and its renewal to defend the cause of the province. I hope it will be maintained, there is youth and experience, and the work will continue. We will not be on the bench, but we will be supporting the team in the next victory". 

Francisco Alexis Escribano Cruz, governor of the province, attended the team's presentation meeting along with other authorities of the Cuban Communist Party, Inder and its National Baseball Commission.  


Catchers (4): Iván Prieto González, Gumersindo Alberto Cisneros Morán, Yosbany Sánchez Reyes and Carlos Barrabí Batista.

Infielders (12): Guillermo José Avilés Difurnó, Guillermo García García, Carlos Benítez Pérez, Osvaldo Abreu Sánchez, Yulián Rafael Milán Santos, Pedro Joaquín Almeida Tamayo, David Yeiner Tamayo Carrazana, Yobanys Millán Blanco, Luis Edel López Reyes, Leonardo Adrián Alarcón Pérez, Daniel David Díaz Hernández and Yulieski Remón Tejeda.

Outfielders (8): Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez, Roel Santos Martínez, Raico Santos Almeida, Alexquemer Sánchez Sánchez, Darián Palma Fonseca, Eugenio Rodríguez Agüero, Dairon Blanco Cola and Samuel Martí Sánchez.

Pitchers (16): Leandro Francisco Martínez Figueredo, César Raúl García Rondón, Yoel Mogena Machado, Carlos René Santana Santiesteban, Kelbis Rodríguez León, Juan Danilo Pérez Meriño, Miguel David Paradelo Aguilar, Yunier Castillo Jerez, Luis Miguel González Salcedo, Manuel Ernesto Frómeta Zequeira, Alexei Ricardo García, Sammy Enrique Benítez Vega, Yuricel Rivero Santiesteban, Yanier Hernández Pérez, Yuricen Blanco Acosta and Railan Santana Viltres.

DT: Leonardo Soto Agüero.

Coaches: Víctor Joaquín Pérez Ramírez, Ramón Esteban Rodríguez Rondón, Luis Alberto Ferrales Jiménez, Luis Ernesto González Escalona, Miguel Águila Molina, Mario Sánchez Medina, Emilio Triana Ramírez, Carlos Infantes Bárzagas, Francisco Diéguez Rivas, Reniel Segundo Salcedo Guerra, Leoandis Durán Caballero and Juan Enrique Orozco Amaya.

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